10 Reasons Why You Need an Explainer Video

10 Reasons Why You Need an Explainer Video

Explainer videos’ popularity has boomed in recent years, and with good reason – they’re a brilliant and extremely effective marketing tool that every business needs. But before we look at just why brands – including yours – needs an explainer video, let’s quickly unpack what explainer videos are. Explainer videos are, simply put, a form of media a brand uses to introduce a product or service to online users. They’re usually very short, between 30 seconds and 3 minutes, and incredibly visually stimulating and engaging. Depending on what a brand wants to achieve, they can be live action or animated, and each format has its own benefits and advantages.

Now that we understand what explainer videos are, let’s have a look at why they’re so effective. It boils down to how the human brain works – humans are incredibly good at processing visual information. So much so that our brains process visual input 60 000 times faster than text/words. Videos are also really good at evoking emotional responses from viewers, and humans are incredibly emotional beings indeed.

And now that we understand why and how explainer videos, let’s take a look at 10 reasons why YOUR brand needs one!

1) Increased conversion rates

Every for-profit organisation wants to increase their conversion rates, and explainer videos are a super simple and easy way of doing that. One study found that more than 70% of people who watched an explainer video were more likely to convert, compared to those who did not watch the video. In another study, this percentage increased to over 80%. Various businesses have reported evidence of increased conversion rates after having added explainer videos to their website (up to almost 90%!), including big names in the American market like Petco (a brand specialising in products for domestic animals), Best Buy (an electronics retailers) and Under Armour (a popular company supplying workout gear).

2) Clarified product purpose

As the name suggests, the objective of an explainer video is to explain something, usually the purpose or objective of a business’s product or service. The problem with text is that it can be misinterpreted so easily, and a lot of the time there is a lot of guesswork on the part of the consumer. Explainer videos are so effective because they remove this element of uncertainty or confusion. Explainer videos allow a brand to demonstrate visually in no uncertain terms, how their product or service is the solution to a problem (or set of problems) a potential consumer has. They also allow a brand to showcase the features and benefits of a product or service in a crystal-clear manner that leaves no room for confusion.

3) Improved SEO rank

If you don’t already know, SEO stands for ‘search engine optimisation’. In sum, what this refers to is your website showing up organically on results on search engines like Google and Bing when people search for terms relevant to your company and its brand offering. A bunch of factors affect what is called SEO ranking (where your website appears on the results page, if it appears at all!) and having an explainer video on your website is one of these. Search engines are more than 50x more likely to show your website on a search results page – and higher up on a results page – when it has an explainer video, compared to plain-text content on a website. Good SEO ranking is invaluable for generating both leads and sales, and explainer videos are a really easy way of improving your ranking.

4) Increased information retention

It’s well-known in the world of psychology that people tend to learn and remember better through audio-visual media compared to plain text. In fact, it’s been shown that people retain 50% of what they see compared to 10% of what they read. And in addition to that, up to 80% of people recall a video advertisement they’ve seen within the past 30 days. This means that potential consumers will remember your brand and your product when you use a video (instead of just text, or text accompanied by a photograph) and staying top-of-mind is essential in a world saturated with competitors in every market, field, or industry.

5) Expanded versatility

So far, we’ve referred to explainer videos as being used on a brand’s website, but this is not the only place a brand can use their video! Depending on the video’s file format, it can be used on YouTube and other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. By making widespread use of the video you’ve worked so hard to create, you can get so much more out of it – the more platforms on which you publish your video, the more people are likely to see it and become familiar with you and your product or service. Explainer videos can even be incorporated into sales pitches when meeting with potential clients, partners, or investors.

6) Enhanced credibility

Many consumers will never interact with a brand personally, especially with the advent of online shopping. And without some kind of personal interaction, it’s hard for consumers to know whether to trust a brand that’s new to them. That’s where explainer videos help – they’re the perfect medium through which to express your brand’s identity and showcase your brand’s personality. This will help build trust with consumers and, as a result, credibility. The more credible a consumer perceives your brand to be, the more likely they are to purchase from you, especially if your brand is completely new to them.

7) Saved time

In an increasingly fast-paced world, time is of the essence. Regardless of how fast you can read, it’s undeniable that videos can convey information much more quickly than information can be read. Consumers appreciate brands who don’t waste their time – by giving consumers information in video format (rather than jus text or text accompanied by photography), they’re more likely to remember it and  appreciate that you’ve not wasted their time by expecting them to read walls of text in order to become familiar with your product or service.

8) Increased web traffic

This might seem counterintuitive – after all, don’t consumers already have to be on your site to see the video? How is your video leading them to your brand’s website? Well, as we’ve mentioned, you can post your video to all your social media platforms, and video drives online users from your social media platform to your website. And, as we’ve said, having a website on your video improves your SEO ranking – what this means, in practice, is that your video appears on search results, and when the user clicks on the video, they’re directed to your video. According to one study, websites which have videos receive over 40% more web traffic from search results, compared to websites which do not.

9) Amplified social sharing

Video is not only an approachable and accessible medium, but also an enjoyable one – after all, videos are, at their core, entertaining. And while social media users do still circulate articles and lengthy text posts, it’s increasingly popular for users to share audio and visual media on their profiles, because their social media followers like watching them. To this end, a social media user is a lot more likely to share your explainer video than a box of text about your brand or its offering. An added bonus of videos are their ability to go viral (circulated widely rand rapidly on the internet) – this means a tremendous amount of exposure and consequent brand awareness. In sum, social media loves video – take advantage of this!

10)  Increased ROI

It almost goes without saying that when you combine all the above-mentioned benefits, the return on investment on an explainer video is going to be incredible – and it is. With all the increased visibility an explainer video generates, combined with how effective they are in converting potential consumers into purchasers, the financial pay-off is well worth the time, money and effort put into creating an explainer video. Once the video is made, it does most of the work itself, and if you properly work the leads it generates, you will start to see those sales come in hard and fast!


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