10 Reasons why you should be advertising on Google

10 Reasons why you should be advertising on Google

In in increasingly digital online world, business who want to market themselves need to keep up and expand their online footprint. One fantastic way to do this is to advertise on Google using Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords). Google is by far the most popular search engine out there, enjoying 70-90% of search engine use with approximately 3.5 billion searches every day. This makes Google much more popular than competitors like Bing and Yahoo. Further, an estimated 80% of today’s consumers use search engines to find information about products and services they want and need. Therefore, it only makes sense to be advertising on Google Ads, but if these statistics alone haven’t confused you, here are 10 reasons why you should be advertising on Google:

1) Google Ads is scalable

The great thing about Google Ads, from a financial perspective, is that no minimum investment is required to create and use a Google Ads account. This means there is no minimum monthly spend, which is particularly useful for small businesses with a limited budget. Regardless of what budget you start with, you can increase and decrease your daily and monthly spend whenever you needed. Of course, your results will be affected accordingly, but this is good – it means that if your account is working well and you want to increase your spend, your results will increase along with it! And, as its other name suggests, pay-per-click advertising means you pay only for results, making Google Ads a good marketing investment for businesses of all sizes.

2) Google Ads is measurable

Google Ads is incredible when it comes to metrics and reports – its built-in ROI (return on investment) tracking gives account users a wide range of performance statistics. This includes metrics like impressions (the number of times a keyword or ad has been seen), clicks, conversions, and so many more. These appear on an account’s dashboard but can also be downloaded as a report. And reporting is in almost real-time, meaning you can see how your ads are performing at any given moment. And if you want to go even deeper down the statistics rabbit hole, you can link your Google Ads account with a Google Analytics account which shows you user activity on your business’s website. This wide range of reporting helps you understand your audience and what they want and allows you to adjust your budget accordingly.

3) Google Ads is flexible

Pay-per-click advertising on Google is perhaps the most flexible advertising/marketing medium or channel out there, in terms of customising your content to target your desired audience or market. This is because Google Ads gives you a wide range of adjustable targeting settings which allows for hyper-targeted advertising. This includes selecting specific keyword match types; different kinds of ad extensions; audiences based on demographics like age and gender, or interests and hobbies); life events; user location and/or language; time of the day or day(s) of the week; browser or device type, and so many more. This kind of targeting means that rather than casting a wide net and hoping for the best, you’re appearing in front of people when they need you to! And, when it has enough data, Google Ads also gives you recommendations based on the above variables so you can optimise your account for maximum ROI.

4) Google Ads is fast

Social media marketing can take weeks, months or even years to get going, because building a following and generating user engagement takes a long time. Likewise, SEO is also a long-term marketing strategy – not only does it take hours to write the necessary 1500-2000-word copy, but search engines will take a while to increase the rank of organic search results based on SEO. Enter Google Ads, which works pretty much instantaneously – it’s possible to get impressions and clicks within just an hour of setting up your account and getting your ads running. This means you should start seeing ROI in a much smaller timeframe than you would with other kinds of advertising (paid or organic).

5) Google Ads is easy (relatively)

In general, Google Ads is comparatively straightforward compared to other digital marketing mediums – if you apply best practices and recommended principles, your account should start generating results. If you search for these tips and guidelines, unlike SEO or social media marketing, you’re unlikely to find conflicting information. This is, in part, due to Google’s proactiveness in informing users on how to get the most out of their accounts. And the fantastic thing about Google Ads is that once you’ve found what works on your account for your business, you can then apply those findings to your more complicated digital marketing channels.

6) Google Ads comprises a large portion of SERPs

SERPs – search engine results pages – are what appear after a user has entered their search query and the search engine has crawled, indexed and ranked the world wide web. Because of how many millions if sites and billions of pieces of content Google scours with every search, there are a ton of results that are churned out, and paid ads make up a good portion of these. In fact, depending on the search query topic, there can be around 3 paid ads that appear before even the first organic results. This means extremely high visibility for your business. And research has shown that they really do get those clicks – paid ads receive up to 65% of first page clicks.

7) Google Ads adverts are engaging

Gone are the days of just plain text Google ads – nowadays, there is a wide range of ad format options. Of course the original and traditional expanded text ad is still an option, but Google has introduced responsive text ads, display ads, responsive display ads, and even video ads on their partner site YouTube. This means that your Google Ads advertisements can be a lot more engaging than your potential SEO results, which will entice more Google users to click on your ad!

8) Google Ads converts better

Depending on which market, industry or field your business is in, conversion rates on pay-per-click ads can be up to 50% higher than other organic or paid advertising/marketing channels. This is in part due to the effectiveness of hyper-targeting that comes with PPC advertising. Additionally, with Google Ads, you can set up remarketing ad campaigns which target users that have previously clicked on your ads and/or been on your site. Remarketing campaigns are incredibly useful because they help to move a person along the sales channel, converting them from a lead to a purchaser. Research has shown that on average, the ROI on Google Ads is around 200%, meaning you get out double what you put in! And if your ads don’t result directly in sales, they can certainly result in leads, which are most often the starting point of sales.

9) Google Ads is complementary

Google Ads can work as a complementary advertising medium to other digital marketing platforms your business might be using. As we mentioned, you can use data you gather from your Google Ads to augment or supplement your SEO and social media marketing, which means that your brand stays top-of-mind, regardless of where the user (and potential consumer) is online.

10)  Google Ads is competitive

Usually a marketing medium being competitive is seen as a bad thing or something to be avoided, but not in the case of Google Ads! Regardless of your business’s industry, field, market or product offering, chances are that your competitors are using Google Ads. This means that you have a known channel in which you need to compete. And the great thing about seeing your competitors on Google Ads, ironically enough, is that you can somewhat analyse what they’re doing in their advertising that you’re not which has them rank higher than you if that is indeed the case. If no other reason listed here compels you to create a Google Ads account, the fact that your competitors are almost guaranteed to be using it should sway you – if your competitors are on Google Ads, how can you afford not to be?

In conclusion, Google Ads is an unbelievably powerful marketing channel for your business, irrespective of your business’s industry or size. As long as you keep up with the trends, monitor your account, optimise your account and readjust your strategy when and as needed, your Google Ads account can generate incredible sales volumes and provide fantastic return on investment. But if you’ve never used a Google Ads account before, consider outsourcing the job to professionals – it’s worth their time, and your money!

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