We believe an Optic Blaze is a feeling of wonder or inspiration triggered by seeing something spectacular.

It is with that idea in mind that we founded Optic Blaze, not just because we needed an income or could design, or could programme or could write copy for clients, but because we enjoy what we do. It is that type of enjoyment, that searches for something special that will keep you up for hours.

It’s the desire to do something awesome even if you don’t bill extra for it, and try something new because you can, because it’s fun…of course, it is a bonus that it pays the bills as well.


Shaun de Greeff

Shaun received his bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Potchefstroom in 2001, where he majored in economics and business management. He has also completed several courses in relationship marketing, web design and programming, as well as Google AdWords.

Shaun started his career in graphic design in 2002 at an agency which specialised in producing below-the-line advertising material. This enabled him to gain valuable experience and expertise, especially while working with the Caltex/Chevron brand. In 2006 he was appointed as the brand and marketing manager for Blue Skye Holdings Pty (Ltd) and was responsible for the management of the group’s brand, as well as the development and implementation of marketing and advertising strategies.

Sandra de Greeff

Sandra studied public relations and small business management and initially started her career in media working for a Johannesburg-based web design agency that produced material for the British Mail and Guardian.

Sandra has been working in the printing industry since 2003. Initially involved in customer relations and administration, she quickly added estimating and supplier management to her skills sets. Sandra’s passion for people prompted her to make the move to retail where she successfully managed a Postnet outlet. In 2011 she left her position at Postnet to join Shaun at Optic Blaze. Her experience in the retail trade makes her an invaluable member of the Optic Blaze team with extensive knowledge of the printing industry.

Ashleigh Muller

A qualified graphic/web designer by trade with a passion for learning new things, Ashleigh’s superpower is her “swiss army knife” skill set and her amazing work ethic. From animation and video to graphic design, web design, product photography and email automation, if you need it done Ashleigh is the one.

Gordon Skinner

Gordon is our resident full-stack developer. He can literally program with his eyes closed and lives with api’s, command lines, database objects and business logic. A consummate Silverstripe developer with excellent back-end development skills, Gordon is your man if you need a complex system built.

Divan Meyer

Divan lives in the world of front-end programming and WordPress. Well versed in front-end technologies like Bootstrap, JavaScript and jQuery, Divan is indispensable when it comes to UX implementation. If it pops, floats, drops and goes bazinga, Divan is your man. He makes sure that your website not only works well but looks good too.


Optic Blaze has been in existance since 2009 but was built on more than 15 year' of blood, sweat and tears. We have built our business on giving our clients solid advice and value-for-money service.


We pride ourselves on building quality relationships and believe that it is better to have fewer clients and provide outstanding service, rather than more clients and mediocre work.


Our designers, developers, copywriters, and digital marketing specialists are experts in their fields, affording you the best in cutting-edge design, print and marketing services.


Our end-to-end approach to design & marketing means that your business delivers a consistent message across many platforms. This in turn helps you maximise your marketing budget.